Making Shaving Skin-Friendly With Baume.Be

Baume.Be is from Belgium, a country known for it's beer and diamonds. This line of simple ingredients with a modern twist are all alcohol and parabens free to preserve moisture and softness on the skin when shaving.

It’s no secret that shaving can damage your skin. We all know there are better ways to treat your skin than to rub alcohol into it after a shave or dosing it with soaps. And it doesn’t take a team of experts to work out that shaving is going to be even worse for you if you have sensitive skin. When the aftershave we relied on disappeared from the market, we decided to make a better version of it. It’s called Baume.Be.


Alcohol-free aftershave
We had a simple plan. An aftershave for sensitive skin. One that would soothe and hydrate. Alcohol was obviously out. And when it came to other ingredients, we decided not to go for the cheapest options. Instead, we looked for the ones that were safest for skin. Regardless of cost. It took a few attempts, a lot of learning and an ugly credit card bill, but eventually, we created an alcohol-free, skin-friendly aftershave we love using.


Carrot oil. Of course.
We all know there are plenty of shaving creams that use chemicals and synthetic alternatives instead of natural products. Take the pink tones you find in all those shaving creams that smell like roses. The colour doesn’t actually come from roses. But pour in the right chemical additives and you’ll have it. Why not take them out and add something that would do good for skin? When we were researching the aftershave, we came across a lot of talk about carrot oil as a natural, chemical-free product, that full of nutrients that are great for the skin. It sounded perfect!

Back to the drawing board
It was one of those thoughts that refuse to go away. So we decided to make our own carrot oil shaving cream. As you might expect, it’s incredibly soft on the skin, lathers well, gives an excellent shave and without any doubt, it feels great. You might also notice a distinctive yellow tint to the product. It’s a result of the carrot oil. It’s completely natural. And it wasn’t difficult to produce it. The shaving cream was just going to be a short-term special for a few loyal customers, but people really loved it. We kept it on the website and now, it’s even more popular than the aftershave!

Time for a skin-friendly shaving gel
This was probably was an obvious next step for us, but in reality, there were people pressuring me. They were sending emails. Most of them were friendly, but there were other ones that, well, kind of weren’t. It was almost like there was an unwritten rule that we didn’t know about: anyone who makes a shaving cream also has to make a shaving gel! We now also happen to make an excellent shaving gel.

What’s next?
The path to global domination? It’s not really something we are really interested in. is and always has been based around our quest for a great shave.
You might also be on a quest for the ultimate shave. Maybe you have sensitive skin or a skin condition, maybe you have perfect skin and love striving for perfection in your shaving routine. Perhaps you just enjoy the feeling that comes from being well groomed and perfectly shaven. You could take a page from our book and create your own products. Or save yourself the time and make the most of the work we’ve already done for you. Take a look at the range today. Enjoy!